Gourmet Espresso Catering - Why Us?

Why should you choose Gourmet Espresso Catering for your next meeting or event?


Gourmet Espresso Catering only uses the highest quality products we can get our hands on for all of our drinks and menu items. You can count on it.


Savor a handcrafted espresso. Sip a toasted truffle mocha. Enjoy an all-natural fruit smoothie. Our extensive menu and add-on options make each visit a new experience.


Don’t sweat the small stuff. That’s our job! We take care of the over-the-top details while you relax and enjoy a little indulgence in your day.


Our tagline says “top-of-the-line service” for a reason. With Gourmet Espresso Catering, you can count on reliable, professional Seattle event and beverage catering service from start to finish. We want to make you look good for hiring us!


Happy baristas mean great service! Our baristas love their job, and they typically stay with us for years. That means you get a confident, skilled barista to serve for your event.


With Gourmet Espresso Catering, you get more than you pay for. Our rates are competitive, and our high level of service and quality will leave you wanting more. Every time.

Want a delicious espresso TODAY? Visit Gourmet Latté at one of their several locations!

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