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Gourmet Breakfast

Want to make your team or event guests really happy? Try our gourmet breakfast
service! It’s sort of like a continental breakfast, but amped up with hot breakfast
sandwiches, fruit smoothies, and more. A great way to start the day! Call for our
latest offerings.


We have been using Gourmet Espresso Catering for quite some time now and love having them in our office. Deyon and her team of baristas are really friendly and upbeat, always serving coffee with a big smile. The coffee is excellent, and the time we have had the breakfast setup it has always been a tasty selection.

Marija Borcich

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Deyon Johnson | (425) 244-8942 | deyon@gourmetespressocatering.com
The ultimate espresso catering experience for your organization, meeting or event! We carry all necessary licensing, permits and insurance